Friday, June 14, 2019

Lab research 5.10 Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Research 5.10 - Lab Report ExamplePractical search will be used in this study. This type of research is the most effective type of research for it ensures that all aspects of the study are carried protrude. The advantage of this research is that the researcher has the ability to relate directly with the large number in the area and this assists in getting more content for the research. This research is different from theoretical research since the researcher would just get information from people that fool carried out extensive research on the country and as common with secondary research, it is open to bias and thus not a reliable starting time of information. Carrying out primary research provides critical information that secondary research may leave out (Chipev 85). Moreover, practical research addresses the issues facing the particular sic at the time while secondary research may have outdated and unreliable research.The importance of carrying out this research is that ve ry few people focus on animals in this region. Many people in the contemporary world either focus on plants and for those that pay attention to animals they focus on animals in dry lands and tropical regions (Chipev 103). Rarely do people research animals in the Antarctic region. Another reason for carrying out research in this region is that the researchers have the ability to offer the information that they acquire to the general public and environmentalists. The consequent of this is having people visiting the region and assisting in better conservation of the species.The space of the research is another issue that ought to receive concentration. An aspect that comes with this issue is the competency of the researcher. There are some researchers that are very poor at carrying out the required activities since they are not always after vital information but go out for the adventure while others just participate to recognize money. Carrying out research on an animal is an activit y that ought to take a considerable time. The

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