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How I stopped smoking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

How I stopped smoking - Essay ExampleThe researcher tells that it was when he had been smoking for over four months that his coach arranged a guest speaker. He had occupied a seat in the front row, where he could clearly read the subject, the discussion was going to go around around. It was smoking, and its effects on an individuals health. The researcher found it offensive. He knew for sure that all the smokers were going to feel guilty about their habit, and would be looked at by their friends through the corners of their eyes. He had mentally prepared himself for the same, because almost everybody in his class knew that he had been smoking for the last four months. They were not impressed by this He can tell this because they do several unsuccessful attempts to convince him to work his way out of that habit, but he was too committed to it to come in to their proposal. The lecture started and the guest speaker explained in what ways a cigarette ruins an individuals health. He told about the various ways in which individuals prepare at the cigarettes, and one of the most obvious ways was in which the author had done so i.e. through friends. The discussion that followed provoked his mind to seek answers to legion(predicate) questions. Did he know smoking was bad? He certainly did Did he know its expensive? Yes, he did. Was he fulfilling his desire on the speak to of his health as well as pocket? Yes, both of them indeed Why did he start it at the outset? He had started smoking in rewrite to look mature, impressive and inspiring. Did he impress anybody? He doesnt think he did. Indeed, he depressed quite a fix of masses ... Did I know smoking was bad? I certainly did Did I know its expensive? Yes, I did. Was I fulfilling my desire on the exist of my health as well as pocket? Yes, both of them indeed Why did I start it at the outset? I had started smoking in order to look mature, impressive and inspiring. Did I impress anybody? I dont think I did. Inde ed, I depressed quite a lot of people They took my act of getting at cigarettes as childish. They thought of me as a highly immature person. Having known that it is bad for health, when I smoked make me look altogether insensible to all of my friends. Was the original purpose of it achieved? No, it had rather ruined my impression in my social circle. After the first sequence of questions made me realize that what I was doing was wrong, the next sequence of questions made me decide between whether I would continue with my habit or smoking or quit it. I resolved to go with the second option, because I had not been able to convince myself in the first session. It came to my mind that damage to health for four months is too slight as compared to what it can be if I sustained the habit of smoking for four years, or perhaps, forty years I had just started to damage my health and it would be very wise to just stop doing it, before it gets late. The third session of questions made me work the best way out of the problem. In order to get rid of smoking, I could either reduce the number of cigarettes I smoke on daily basis, and keep reducing the quantity to half in subsequent weeks, but it would take a lot of time and unnecessary calculation. I could quit smoking straightaway, but it would be too abrupt to do it, and I may not feel so positive about quitting once

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