Thursday, October 17, 2019

Advertisements and Female Gender Stereotypes Research Paper

Advertisements and Female Gender Stereotypes - Research Paper Example In order to gain the attention of consumers, it is important to recognize what attracts the targeted group the most. However, regardless of such an important position provided to both genders, there is an increasing debate over the stereotypes used to portray these genders. Some researchers criticize media for humiliating, shameful and disgracing portrayal of women. Others believe that women are used media as sexual objects and this simply is immoral and unfair. On the other hand, people believe that media stereotypes women as caring, tolerant, understanding and loving creatures. They are portrayed as loving mothers, caring sisters, loyal workers and graceful wives. This paper would further explain how media portrays women and how successful it is in portraying those female gender stereotypes. During 1950s, the advertisements portrayed women as housewives who were much inclined towards cleaning, cooking and taking care of other family members. By that time, a few women worked and wer e discriminated as compared to the male counterparts. However, continuous efforts and feminist movements changed the history and women were finally welcomed in the professional field. This change should have caused a positive impact on advertisement by portraying women as loving, caring, sensitive and honest ladies who are able to manage their career but the reality was different.

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